Edible Cookie Dough has Landed...

cookie dough.jpg

There’s no denying that cookie dough is one of the more interesting dessert trends of 2017. Maybe it’s because we all have nostalgic memories of stealing a sneaky spoonful of delicious dough while baking cookies in the family kitchen. And of course, mum would tell us off, warning us about stomach cramps and salmonella because well, cookie dough is mainly flour mixed with raw eggs. But, there’s good news! Edible cookie dough gurus have now solved this problem by designing recipes that contain heat-treated flour and using either pasteurised eggs, or no eggs at all, genius!!

So where did this dessert craze come from? The idea of edible cookie dough has its origins in the United States, where supermarkets stock logs of frozen, pre-made cookie dough that can be cut up and put in the oven with minimal preparation. But there were those of us who, too impatient for the final, delivered product, just ate the dough in all its naked glory. This spawned the cookie dough craze and the rest is history.   

From its humble beginnings, edible cookie dough has blown up as a dessert in its own right. There are now a huge variety of flavours from triple chocolate to apple & cinnamon. But, it doesn't stop there. Cookie dough is also often scooped into waffle cones and mixed with sauces and toppings, or incorporated into other desserts to create delectable delights no one can refuse!

To get your cookie dough fix in Melbourne, order online at Cookie Doh Co. (also available at Bistro Morgan in a cookie dough doughnut sandwich) or Cookie Dough Dream.