What The Heck is Frozen Custard ?


If you haven't had a run in with frozen custard or encountered its enticing, creamy deliciousness on your Instagram feed, you've been living under a rock. It’s been all the rage overseas, especially in the US, and now it’s blowing up here in Melbourne. 

Frozen custard is a gourmet, frozen dessert made with milk, cream and a small percentage of egg yolk that originated from Coney Island, NY as a carnival treat at the turn of the century. It might sound like I’ve just described ice cream, but the way that frozen custard is made is quite different and produces a more luxurious finish. Instead of being frozen in a batch freezer, frozen custard is typically made fresh everyday and churned in a continuous freezer where the amount of air beaten into the fold is minimised. With less air, fewer ice crystals are created, resulting in an ice cream that is denser, smoother and silkier.

The best way to enjoy frozen custard is by ordering a frozen custard concrete: a delicious mess of frozen custard mixed with your favourite lollies, fudges, fruits and nuts!

Frozen custard can be found in Melbourne at Chiquito & Co., Royal Stacks and Laurie Dee’s Hamburgers and Frozen Custard.

Antonella Morelli