Melbourne's Best Food Bloggers


With hundreds of amazing cafés and restaurants popping up each month, Melbourne is well on its way to becoming one of the food capitals of the world. With this plethora of foodie destinations comes a boom of ‘foodie’ accounts on Instagram. With so many profiles with their own focus on different themes, styles and types of dishes and cuisines, how do you know which ones to follow without flooding your feed? Well, we’ve sifted through the ‘gram to bring you a comprehensive list of the best accounts to keep you up-to-date with the Melbourne foodie scene! Here’s what we came up with…

Melbourne Breakfast Diary

One of the big players, you’ve surely seen their drool-worthy flatlays all over Instagram. These guys have got you covered with amazing shots of all the best brunch spots in Melbourne! Careful though… you might get grid envy. 

Breakfast in Melbourne

These guys are killing it in on local food scenes all around the country, with the launch of Breakfast in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth! With 171k followers, their Melbourne account focuses on breakfast dishes but features a mix of healthy options and naughty dishes – we’re talking Triple Chocolate pancakes, Nutella Panna Cotta, Pink Vegan Supreme Freakshakes… hold on while we wipe the drool off our screen.


He calls himself the Travelling Foodie and you can certainly tell, it seems like Ricky’s been everywhere in Melbourne! From classic brunch spots like Fourth Chapter and Legacy, to Japanese hotspots with amazing sushi and Italian favourites with unique toppings on their wood-fired pizzas, it seems like this guy definitely knows where to go!

Melb Food Baby

Melb Food Baby is known for her outrageous promo videos on Facebook, which feature some of Melbourne’s most mouth-watering food! They’ve certainly got us DROOOLIN’... You’ll see more ‘naughty’ options on her feed (think monster milkshakes, fairy floss-loaded pancakes and jam-filled donuts), but that doesn’t stop us. Plus, we hear she does a lot of giveaways, need we say more???


This account isn’t one of the big ones, but she’s definitely growing – and we can see why! Check this one out for great flat-lays and more health-conscious food (although, they still look delicious). Watch this space, she’s up and coming!

The City Lane

The ultimate food and travel blog! The City Lane never fails to excite with their mix of the best food to eat, places to visit and activities to do. There’s no doubt that their feed showcases Melbourne’s awesome culture, and just how liveable it is here (#1 in the world to be exact)!

Top Food Melbourne

You’ll find the best of what Melbourne has to offer on this account! Colourful and definitely drool-worthy, there’s always a great mix of Melbourne’s most sought after brunch and lunch dishes. From healthy smoothie bowls and breakfast salads, to bao buns and souvas, they got you covered for whatever mood you’re in.

Foodie Melbourne

Boy, do we love their snaps! With their dynamic actions shots, Foodie Melbourne capture up-close and personal photos to make you feel like these delicious dishes are really right there, right in front of you! WARNING, don’t scroll while you’re hungry!

A Chronicle of Gastronomy

These guys don’t subscribe to you average flat-lay shots, instead choosing to focus on individual dishes to showcase some of Melbourne’s finest food. However, that’s not to say this page is boring! In fact, their feed is colourful and engaging with each post paying great attention to every detail in a dish… making us appreciate every tasty element all the more!

The Brunswick Brunchie

This page may not have the largest following, but their vibrant aesthetic is giving us serious grid envy! Perfect colour coordination and foodporn bordering on indecent, we definitely can’t stop scrolling! These guys also do frequent giveaways, so make sure to give them a stalk!

Southside Melbourne

Wow do we like these guys’ content! With their mean action shots mixed in with some of Melbourne’s yummiest food like benedict burgers, loaded fries and tim tam smash, it’s a yes from us! Check them out and hit that follow button!