How to Start a PR Campaign

PR is one of our main services at Milk Bottle Projects and we want to show how you can do your very own PR campaign! Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be sharing step-by-step tips and instructions of how you can start a PR campaign including how to build your press kit, contact to the right people, and finally how to get media coverage!


Public Relations or PR is the act of "managing communication between a business and the public." In terms of hospitality marketing, the primary way to do this is through generating publicity about the opening of a business or something exciting happening within the business. It's important to note that the one critical time to do a PR campaign is just before you open your doors for the first time. The reason for this is because it's the best, most reliable piece of news your business will ever have to share with an audience - everyone wants to know about a new opening and foodie offering!

The purpose of telling these publications about your opening is to generate editorial, feature articles, QnA’s, mentions and user-generated content which their foodie-loving audiences will read and react to. You know what happens then? You end up with lines out the door!

So now that you know what PR is, how do you start a campaign?




First it’s important to get your thoughts and ideas organised. Here are some questions to answer before you do anything:



1. What I like to call, the who, what, when, where and why...

- Who is behind the business? What is your story?

- What is your business all about?

- When did you start the business?

- Where is the business located?

- Why did you start the business?

2. What makes your business stand out from the rest?

3. What's the most newsworthy element of your business? Are you doing something that no one else is doing?

4. What are your most stand out dishes or highlights?

5. Is your chef notable? If so, why?

Once you have these questions defined, you’re ready to start writing your first press release. Keep an eye out for the next PR blog post about how to write your press release and create your press kit. The other option is to get in touch with our PR specialist, Nikki at Milk Bottle Projects to do a PR campaign for you! Get in touch today by emailing