Our Top Five Brunch Trends of 2018

At Milk Bottle Projects we absolutely love our brunch! But, I mean who can blame us? We live in Melbourne, the brunch capital of the world! In this beautiful city there are so many choices for an amazing brunch, and this list of places is constantly growing! Did you know that 85 new cafes open every week in Melbourne? This is great news for us foodies but for cafes this intense competition means that they are always having to stay on top of the latest food trends and create new weird and wonderful dishes to stay relevant and win our hearts (and bellies). Here are our top five picks for the best brunch trends of this year so far:


USED5 Lire_Nutella hot cakes 3_10.08.2018.jpg

1.   Dessert for breakfast

Good news, it is finally acceptable to eat dessert for breakfast! I know what you’re thinking, there have always been sweet options on the menu, but I assure you cafes have recently taken this to a whole new level. The competition has been on around Melbourne for who can create the most extravagant dessert breakfasts, with cafes rushing to serve up the most intriguing and sickly-sweet dishes covered in things like Persian fairy floss, toffee popcorn, Tim Tams, pretzels and oh so much Nutella, and boy are we here for this trend!

Some cafes that are winning the dessert breakfast game include: 5 Lire with their well sought-after Nutella and Persian Fairy floss pancakes, Collective Espresso with their absolutely INSANE gravity waffles, consisting of a toffee popcorn tower flowing out of an espresso shot cup suspended in the air (you’d have to see it to believe it!), and Darling Street espresso, who have absolutely won us over with their breakfast doughnuts, topped with strawberries, Nutella fondue, freeze dried mandarin and chocolate soil, need we say more?


2.   Boozy brunches

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Following in the footsteps of slightly more sophisticated cities like New York and Paris, Melbourne has finally accepted cocktails and mimosas as acceptable breakfast beverages (yes, drinking before noon does make you sophisticated!). Gone are the days when brunch was just an hourly food event, now you can spend all day sipping on mimosas and munching on bacon from the comfort of your local café! The trend is still gaining momentum on the Melbourne brunch scene, however, but there are a few places who have taken this trend in their stride and just ran with it.

Our top recommendations for the best big, boozy brunches are: Fargo and Co, who are offering BOTTOMLESS mimosas, plus a full brunch menu and a DJ and Evie’s Disco Diner, who are also offering bottomless mimosas and bubbles, so you can get your drink on whilst chowing down on some maple bacon pancakes and grooving to some sweet disco tunes!


3.   Middle-Eastern inspired meals

This trend is certainly the most interesting and spicy trend to hit the Melbourne brunch scene this year! Although we’ve seen a plethora of Middle-Eastern restaurants hitting the dinner scene in Melbourne, only recently have we seen it making its name on our breakfast menus. Middle-Eastern spices and ingredients are changing the shape of the brunch game, sprucing up humble dishes like the all-time Aussie favourite, smashed avo and even just your basic eggs on toast with a smear of hummus and a sprinkle of dukkah. There is also now the option to go full Middle-Eastern with traditional dishes like the scrumptious Shakshuka becoming a brunch menu staple. For years we have been suffering through hummus-less breakfasts, but no longer! Now, we can enjoy everyone’s favourite dip for every meal of the day!

Keen to try a Middle-Eastern spice sensation? Head over to Axil coffee roasters in Hawthorn and try their Baked eggs spiced up with pepperonata, dukkah, feta, and served with pumpkin toast, it will truly change the way you do brunch forever!


4.   Breakfast bowls

The humble Acai bowl has been the star of every foodie’s Instagram over the past few years, but recently we’ve been seeing a massive expansion in the realm of breakfast bowls, ranging from fruity smoothie bowls to wholesome breakfast salad bowls! The idea behind any breakfast bowl is to just throw everyone’s favourite ingredients in a bowl and call it a meal, you can’t go wrong! The usual culprits like avocado, kale, quinoa, halloumi and poached eggs are present in all the best savoury breakfast bowls around Melbourne, and the smoothie bowls would be incomplete without some berries, coconut, peanut butter and granola!

For a good smoothie bowl try out, Laneway Greens’ extensive smoothie bowl menu in Richmond however if you’re looking for something a little more wholesome go visit the team at Street Talk Espresso, where you can design your own ‘nourish bowl’.


 5.   Brunch theatrics

As we said before, to stand out on the Melbourne breakfast scene you have to be super EXTRA! No longer can you just serve up a tasty eggs benny and wait for customers to flock in. Now, it’s all about how Instagrammable your meals are, because if it wasn’t posted on Instagram, did it even happen? Melbourne cafes have taken this extravagance to the next level with smoked salmon dishes revealed from under a smoke-filled cloche at Street Talk Espresso, to gravity-defying acts, with towers of popcorn, ribbons of chocolate, and even coulis filled syringes (we’re looking at you Short Straw). Basically, if your dish doesn’t look like an abstract piece of art then you haven’t made it right!

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