Plant-based milk options; Vitasoy Cafe for Barista’s range

Over the last few years, we have seen a trend in dairy milk alternatives becoming more available in cafes all over Australia. If you're a serious coffee drinker, you know exactly what we're talking about! Rice milk, almond milk, coconut milk and now finally, Vitasoy's oat milk. As part of their Cafe for Barista range, their oat milk is the first Australian made product of this kind. Naturally free from dairy, cholesterol, lactose, gluten and soy, it's sure to satisfy all intolerances and preferences alike.


 Almond and soy milk have long dominated the plant-based milk scene, but oat milk is like a sibling to soy milk in taste and consistency, except sweeter and with more body. With baristas in mind, this milk is made to pair perfectly with your favourite blend of beans and withstand the temperatures of steam to give you the best latte art for the gram. 


Here’s the 411: Vitasoy uses 100% Australian oats to make their oat milk. The non-GMO oats are grown around Australia, harvested and sent to the Wodonga factory. The best oats are then selected, blended with filtered water, oat flour, and other ingredients like calcium. But most importantly, what sets Vitasoy apart from their competition is the blend of whole ground oats they use as well as the addition of oat flour, giving an overall better texture that you’re sure to taste. Don’t believe us? Have a sip ;) 


This range is also available in Soy and Almond so fear not if you’re not sold on the oat milk craze just yet. There’s time to test the waters (milks) with more familiar tastes before you are t-oat-ally hooked.