The 411 on Instagram Influencers

Utilising social media platforms to promote brands has become part of the standard digital marketing strategy and more specifically when it comes to Instagram. This platform is where influencers spend a significant amount of time creating and posting content promoting themselves and their aligned brands.

But why are these influencers so influential and how can you leverage them for your own digital marketing efforts?

It comes down to a few things.

Emotions are usually at the forefront when we make decisions and people are more likely to make decisions when people they trust make suggestions.  From a study completed in 2015, it was found that a substantial number of consumers say reviews and recommendations from family and friends directly influence their buying decisions. Real influencers have a relationship and connection with their followers so people trust what they have to say and this is the foundation of how influencer marketing works.

Here’s a basic guide to Instagram influencer marketing!


Ask the important questions.

Remember that one post as part of an influencer arrangement usually isn’t an efficient way to get the word out. Unless the influencer has a “significant influence”, the post will most likely get drowned out amongst Instragram’s ever-changing algorithm and feed. You should consider partnering with an influencer to be similar to hiring a brand ambassador - someone you’d like to have an ongoing relationship with and some one you can properly leverage off. Make sure you set out your expectations of the influencer campaign ahead of time.

Ensure that all details have been communicated: will you be sending them products, will there be sponsored posts, how many posts do you want them to create, what voice do you want them to have in the caption, how can they stay on brand, what hashtags do they need to use? Always keep ROI (Return on Investment) at the forefront of your mind - how can you make sure that both parties (you and the influencer) get something from this arrangement? This is an important consideration to make sure the campaign is successful.

Aside from large influencers, there are niche groups called ‘micro influencers’. These micro influencers can be just as important and have a very loyal following. One of the pros of smaller influencer accounts are that they may not be as expensive to work with, so they would be perfect for start up companies and smaller campaigns.

Make sure your hashtags have been used to the best of their ability. Our blog post about hashtags will give you all the tips and tricks to ensure everyone is finding your post.

It is important that the influencers you are working with display their partnership with you in the caption, ESPECIALLY if it’s a paid agreement. While there hasn’t been any official legislation created in Australia yet surrounding transparency of paid posts, it is important to build trust with your customers and therefore communicate a paid sponsorship through #sp, #sponsored or #sponsoredpost. Instagram now has a handy function built in for influencers to tag brands when they are participating in paid sponsorships.

If you need some guidance on how to utilise influencers in your industry, get in touch with us today HERE!