What is Content Creation in Digital Marketing?

You’ve probably heard the terms “content creation” and “content creator” around a lot lately, but what exactly do they mean? Content creation is a marketing strategy that focuses on the creation and distribution of content that has been curated to be valuable to your current and desired audience for a certain purpose. Accordingly, a content creator is the title given to someone whose job it is to plan, organise and realise that content.


Broadly speaking, there are two aspects to content creation – visual elements and copy. The visual can mean anything from still photographs, to elaborate drone videos and funky graphics, whilst copy refers to anything to do with words like titles and captions. The end result of content creation can be seen everywhere in the digital world on websites, social media platforms, EDMs, apps… the list is endless!

Why is content creation important?

Content creation is important as it is essential for every type of platform in the digital world to make it interesting and attractive to audiences. Without words and images, we’d just be scrolling through empty screens! More specifically in terms of digital marketing, content creation is vital to achieving your marketing goals such as brand awareness or lead gen. Without content, your current and potential customers have no reason to interact with your brand! 

What makes for good content?


Firstly, good content must be consistent. Whilst creating your content, always keep your brand in mind and make sure that the final product matches your brand’s image and the reality of what you can offer your audience. Which brings us to the next point; good content must be accurate! Don’t photograph your café’s blueberry pancakes with two scoops of ice cream if you only plan to serve it with one. Trust us, this will avoid customer complaints and save you many headaches in the future!

Excellent content is also relevant and engaging to your audience. When creating content, think about your target audience – what they like, what they don’t like, their interests and their aspirations. Think about it, if you’re targeting suburban, middle-aged mums who love fine wines and cashmere sweaters, it makes sense to stay away from grungy fonts and a dark colour palette!

In a world that is continually reaching new heights in high definition, attracting people to your brand is near impossible without high-quality content. Achieving this may mean organising a photo shoot or enlisting the services of a graphic designer. The best content is also the most original. Digital content is always changing, especially as social media platforms change their functions and features, so you can never be too creative! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Being the first one to do something will always put you up, above the rest and make you an attractive brand.

What type of content should I use and for what occasion?

When deciding what type of content to use, the first step is to refer to your marketing and content calendars to see what events, holidays, promotions and campaigns you have coming up, and what information you want to send out to your audience. Once you have that sorted, it’s just a matter of choosing what type of content to best present your message and really, the possibilities are endless as long as you convey them accurately! For example, want to highlight that ooze from your café’s perfectly poached eggs? A GIF will be your best bet, or even a slow-mo video! What about announcing an upcoming event? An eye-catching, informative banner will do the trick! Keep in mind that you don’t always need to create new, original content for every post you publish. There’s always the possibility of re-posting content from someone else, as long as it’s relevant to the information you want to convey. Always make sure to include their IG handle as credit, too!

On social media platforms such as Instagram, it’s important to not only think about the content of each post that you publish, but also the diversity of these posts on the feed as a whole. People definitely get excited seeing a mix of content and it also allows them to connect with your brand in different ways.

While amazing images and graphics are integral to successful content creation, excellent copy is also essential! We'll discuss this further in another blog post.

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