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A Guide To Product Photography + Pricing

we take you through the importance of quality content, what kind of images you should be taking and how much content creation should cost.

Perhaps one of the best parts of running a small business (besides the endless rewards of growing your own brand and seeing your customers fall in love with it!), is getting back high-quality, professional photos of your products.

Nothing makes you prouder than seeing polished, impactful photos that showcase the best of your brand. It’s an important step to get your customers saying “I need this in my life!”.

Product photography is an intricate profession that requires an attention to detail and technical skill. And it goes way beyond finding a few images on Pinterest and snapping a few shots. In fact, 74% of consumers are inspired to purchase due to visual content, so it’s important to get it right. 

Good product photography can help establish a strong brand image and build a loyal customer base, especially in this digital landscape with more and more purchasing decisions being made online.

What is product photography? 

Product photography is all about, you guessed it – your products! 

And when those products are your source of income it all comes down to how you best market them.

 Think of it like taking your products to get class photos. You want them to look good, don’t you?

rutherford and meyer cracker minis on kitchen bench

Let’s run through the different types of product photography:


The most basic of the bunch. If you’re selling products online, or need your products cataloged, e-commerce product photography is the approach to get your product ready to sell. E-commerce product photography involves taking photos of each of your products individually, often with a white backdrop. These photos showcase your product in the most informative and minimalist way so that your customers can get clicking.


One of the goals of any marketer is for your customer to imagine their world transforming when they purchase your product. Lifestyle photography is a shortcut to just that! 

Lifestyle product photography takes your product and puts it in a real-world context. Customers love to see products in a glamorous setting, for instance, pouring a glass of prosecco on a rooftop terrace, surrounded by friendly faces, with the sun setting in the distance… Sorry, we got a little lost there. Lifestyle photography can encompass any situation where your product could be used, and the aim is to create a strong feeling that resonates with your audience.


An emerging trend and the favourite among Instagram users and Pinterest lovers is studio product photography. This is where your product gets to really show some personality. With studio product photography, you can create a narrative about your product that is modern and eye-catching, which also looks great on the feed! 

This can include flat-lays, or more creative compositions using a combination of coloured backgrounds, props and set dressing. Studio product photography not only looks great, but is a great way to develop your brand style with images that can be used across all platforms.

Naught sangiovese gin played out on purple background

There are many wonderful photography options – from friendly freelancers to sunny full-service studios. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when booking your next photography service.


There are endless benefits to working with someone who you can get to know on a one-to-one basis, and who can become a reliable photographer for all your branding needs. Some of the perks of working with independent freelancers are that they may have their own distinct style that suits your brand perfectly. They may also have more flexibility in their schedule, compared to a studio that may take on more or larger clients at a time. If you work with a freelancer photographer consistently, they may get to know your brand very well, and be available to work on many shoots with you. Not to mention, their rates may not be as costly as a big studio, depending on their level of expertise. Some of the limitations of freelance photographers may be the types of photography they offer, as well as potentially not having access to a large-scale studio or additional equipment.

Full-Service Studios

A studio will often offer more services than an independent photographer. This is great if you want to book a project in complete confidence that the content you get back will be highly creative, great quality, and with a quick turnaround. 

Full-service studios are great if you have a crazy idea that you want brought to life, that may be achievable with the proper equipment and a larger team of creatives. When booking a studio, you know that the photography team will have fewer limitations. Keep in mind that booking costs may be more expensive than a freelancer, as studio equipment costs and other expenses may be quoted in the price.

Check out what a studio might look like, here.

So how much should you pay for a photoshoot?

There are a few different ways that photographers might quote you for a photoshoot. You can pay for product photography by the hour, day, image or product.

The most common system is paying by the hour, or by the number of images you may need.

Daily (or half-daily) rates are common because it is easy for the photographer to calculate how much content they will be able to complete within the set timeframe. It also means that you know exactly how much you’re spending for a day’s photoshoot. Expect to pay between $400 to $3000 for a photo shoot, depending on its complexity, and the resources needed by the photography team.

Another option is to calculate costs by the number of images needed. This is a great option if you already know how many images you’re after, or what they’ll be used for. Prices per image can range from $10 up to $400. Keep in mind though that a photo worth $400 may not be what you need! 

You should be able to find great quality professional photos for a price that’s friendly to your budget. Each photographer will price their services differently, so the trick is finding someone who provides photos at the level of quality you’re after, at a price that works for you.

To make life easier, freelance photographers and digital agencies will often create package options that have pre-determined costs for photoshoots. This reduces the guesswork behind how much to spend on content, plus also gives you a great indication of what you’ll be getting in that exciting final email from your photographer.

Have a look at how we price our packages, here.

Ready to book your shoot? Great! We hope this guide has inspired you to reach out to your dream photography team, and get started on your next visual project.

If you’re wanting to take the guesswork out of your next photoshoot, we can get you started with any of our content creation, social media and PR packages. Contact us at MBP today to learn more about how our digital marketing can support your business!