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Absolutely 'Sleigh' Your Work Christmas Party

Work Christmas Party

‘Tis the season! Holiday party invitations are probably flooding your inboxes faster than dress-up Santa’s are invading Swanston Street; And somewhere in all those party invitations is one for your own workplace – a gathering that’s meant to celebrate the holiday season and a year of hard work. But, coming together in a social environment with your co-workers can be daunting for some, even for the most extroverted employee. So we’ve put together 3 hot tips on how to create the perfect end of year party so you can have the most enjoyable time.

1. The fun

It’s important that the venue is accessible and fun for all. This year, Milk Bottle have decided to partake in an activity which will be followed by lunch. Brainstorming ideas included (but weren’t limited to): indoor skydiving (yikes), a boozy painting class, a winery tour, escape room etc. Unfortunately, these types of activities aren’t for everyone, so we suggest creating a poll or a survey to see what your employees are keen for – SurveyMonkey is not only a super easy tool, but the name itself is so awesome that it’s hard not to use this platform. Also, make sure these activities aren’t on the other side of town. Yes, Christmas parties are highly anticipated, but if it’s going to take a member of staff two hours to travel to the venue, it becomes quite the chore. Keep it centralised – Melbourne’s CBD has so much to offer!

2. The Food

Activities are a great bonding exercise, but what we’re all really looking forward to is the feed. Melbourne is riddled with restaurants of all cuisine, class and price – essentially, there’s something for everyone. We like to splurge this time of year at Milk Bottle and have curated a guide on how to choose the perfect venue for your team. The time of day can be vital when choosing the spot. If you’re looking at something for lunch, we suggest a restaurant with a view and a menu that is fairly well-rounded. The Conservatory is looking like our choice of venue with sunlight that cascades over the entire room through floor to ceiling glass windows over looking the Yarra. Their festive lunch includes a luxurious seafood buffet, charcuterie and lots… and lots of cheese. If you’re looking at something for dinner, a venue with a moodier vibe that neighbours a bar might be the way to go: Florentino, Kisume, No35 or Maha are all delicious venues that reside in the centre of the city with perfect ‘after-drinks’ options close by. If you still haven’t found a setting and you’re quickly approaching the busiest time of year, Google will become your best friend. Platforms like UrbanList for recommendations or Zomato for choices filtered to your budget/preferences are a great place to start locking in a party for your crew.

3. The Booze

You’re probably thinking, what’s best paired with work parties? Wine. Always wine. Going back to that point I made earlier about these events being daunting, the perfect way to ease the tension can be over a bev (or two). Yes, having fun can involve alcohol but we’d suggest restricting yourselves. The last thing you want is to go into the new year not being able to remember the mortifyingly bad karaoke encore that none of your co-workers asked for. Have fun within reason. Or don’t, that’s completely up to you!

We hope this was a handy guide on how to navigate the most festive event of the year. We’d also like to take the time to say a big thank you to all of our readers. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best leading up to the new year.