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MBP Tips: How to Develop Successful Client-Agency Relationships

Successful Client-Agency Relationships

Like any relationship, a client-agency relationship is one that requires constant communication to ensure that both parties are understood and that there is a collaborative effort for the best results.

So, what do all successful client-agency relationships have in common? COMMUNICATION! Taking the time to understand each other, relying on a give-and-take dynamic that allows both sides to offer insights and consult each other, is the best way to make sure that you end up with the effective and productive ideas and results for your marketing or PR campaigns. How exactly do you do this? Read on to find out more!

1. Be on the same page

From the get-go, MBP has learnt that understanding our clients’ goals, needs and operations help us to work better to create and execute the perfect marketing strategy. As soon as clients sit down with us for their first meeting, we set clear and realistic expectations to ensure an honest and transparent relationship. We like these meetings to be face-to-face, as it’s a good opportunity to introduce everyone involved and so both we and the clients know who is accountable for which deliverables. Then, it’s important to establish clear goals in a set time frame, and collaboratively devise a plan to achieve these goals.

2. Communication is key

The most simple and easily overlooked element in a good client-agency relationship is communication. To keep everything running smoothly, constant communication should be an imperative part of the relationship between a client and an agency. MBP makes it a goal to get in touch with our clients monthly, or even weekly, to ensure that we’re continuously delivering what our clients are expecting. Arranging a meeting or phone call to run through a list of to-do’s, upcoming campaigns or future marketing plans can also help keep a clear record of opinions and ideas that could get lost in back-and-forth email chains. Regular communication also helps to pick out any challenges or concerns early on and helps to keep everyone heard and respected. 

3. Collaborate

At MBP, we put together strategies that are unique to each of our clients, depending on their objectives and goals, but we make sure to do this while incorporating the ideas and internal strategies of our clients. We understand that as an agency, collaborations are at the core of what makes a great client-agency relationship and we can help our clients achieve their goals more effectively if we acknowledge ideas from both sides. Our clients come to us knowing that we have the skills and dedication for marketing success, but some will often have their own ideas on how to do so as experts in their industry or business. So, we’ll always aim to adapt our approach to these ideas to come up with original and exciting strategies.

4. Management expectations

Setting expectations is crucial for both clients and agencies. Of course, clients will have their own objectives and KPIs they’d like to accomplish, but they should be in line with what the agency can realistically achieve. This should be made clear even in initial conversations to make sure everyone is on the same page. MBP have learnt that while we do have the expertise and experience, PR and marketing doesn’t always come with a guarantee and understanding that earned media can’t be forced immediately. Good things take time and results don’t always come overnight.

5. Treat each client differently

…And we don’t mean favouritism! We mean understanding that each client is different and we tailor our approach and plans to suit their personality, business and objectives best. This calls for an understanding of the client’s specific industry, business goals, their audience and how to make them stand out. With each custom, the strategy will come a happy client who’s open to ideas and opportunities that suit their needs. With this in mind, MBP also ensures that we can report back with results, whether good or bad so that we are transparent with what we’re doing for our clients and what we hope to achieve in the future.

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