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Your 2023 Digital Marketing Checklist

Re-energize your marketing strategy in 2023 with this easy checklist for digital marketers

Need a digital marketing refresh? Here are our hot tips to help you re-evaluate your digital marketing in 2023, and turn your online “presence” into an online show-stopper.

If you’re tasked with looking after your brand’s (or a few brands’) digital marketing, then welcome. Take a seat, or maybe a moment to rest. It’s been a busy past few years for us as digital marketers, with the relentless social media algorithms, emerging technologies (we promise we’re not writing this with ChatGPT) and all of the weird and wonderful technological changes that we deal with on-the-daily. If you’re a tired marketer who wants to spruce up your approach to digital marketing – you’ve just stumbled across a godsend. 

These prompts are designed to help you really think about how you can bring out the best qualities of your brand in 2023. Give it a go, and your channels will look fresh and new in no time!

  1. Which online platforms is your audience using the most, and for what purposes? 

Over the last few years, with social media algorithms changing and the demand for short-form video content rising rapidly (we’re looking at you TikTok), it’s likely that you’ve jumped on the TikTok and Reels bandwagon, or maybe abandoned your Facebook page. Which means you’ve likely changed the way you’ve started to communicate to your audience to keep up with the internet’s trends. 

Now is a great time to take a minute to pause and evaluate how each of your platforms serve a purpose (whether this is creating brand awareness/loyalty, or generating leads and conversions). Your website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok likely come to mind as the major social networks your audience engages with. If you have an app for your brand, this might also be something you consider. Ask yourself what each of them says about your brand, and how well it does its job. We guarantee you’ll find some interesting areas to work on, or cut out completely (hurray!).

2. Who are your target audiences online, really?

This is something that – believe it or not – can change. It’s not unusual to find that one audience can emerge, and another become less engaged. This normally happens when elements of your business change, the market shifts, or your content simply just appeals to different people. 

For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, your audiences might be families who dine out, people interested in takeaway food, and local diners. We wouldn’t be surprised if you tapped into a younger audience on TikTok who loves a particular side-dish you offer, or you grow a cult following of other chefs and restaurant owners who love your brand.

It’s important to remember what your brand “is”, and how you want to position yourself. Once you know this, go ahead and leverage your marketing to reel in your followers!

3. What is one thing that is new that you want to try?

As digital marketers we have an endless supply of tools that we can use to make our channels more exciting. But what’s one thing that would make your followers go “Wow!”?

Maybe it’s reaching out to a fun brand to bring a crazy collaboration to life. Maybe it’s putting some money towards some expert videography to lure some eyes to your pages. It might even just be coming up with a fun way to share customer feedback on your social media. People love seeing you share their testimonials – perhaps you could film your staff reacting to customers’ kind words?

Have fun with this prompt – sometimes the best-performing ideas are ones that first seem outlandish at first, but are the most rewarding!


If this blog post has made you excited to make some changes to your marketing strategy, but you don’t know where to start, let us help you! We’re experts on digital marketing and passionate about getting it right for your brand. 

We can consult you on the best strategy for your brand, and have all the tools ready for you to set things in motion. From Social Media Management to Public Relations, and managing your latest campaign so that it is smooth sailing. We’d love to work with you.


Contact us at MBP today to learn more about how our we can support your business through traditional and digital marketing!