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How to prepare for your 2023 Brand + Business goals

Are you looking to refresh your brand strategy in 2023?

Is it time you dusted away some of the cobwebs on your current marketing tactics, to make way for shiny new ideas? 

There’s nothing better than stepping into the new year with a new you – and we’ve got you covered with the 3 best tips on how to get your brand turning heads in 2023.

1. Recognise your goals

It’s the best time of the year to set new horizons for your digital branding. We know you have big plans for your business, and the milestones you want to achieve throughout the year. Now it’s time to align this with your marketing strategy. 

Jot down all of your ambitious ideas, be creative, and list out your dream projects.

If you’re launching new products or endeavours this year, ask yourself: how do I want my customers to feel about this? What do you want them to say about your product? How can this add to the growth of your business? What sets me apart from the competition? 

If one of your dream projects is to host a launch event, what are all the moving parts? Is your brand ready for this next leap? How can you make this a reality?

Starting the year with a clear outline of your goals is the best way to hit the ground running and maintain that momentum in months to come. It’s also important for you, as a business owner, to get motivated about the year ahead. 

Always remember to keep referring back to this checklist throughout your goal journey to make sure you are still aligned with your same mission! 

2. Make sure your brand identity is consistent – and authentic

This may sound like an easy task, but it’s important to ask yourself whether your brand is really giving the same energy across each of your digital platforms. No one likes a fake friend, and in 2023, consumers are able to detect an inauthentic brand in a heartbeat (and make memes out of it).

Have a good, honest look at your brand and assess whether:

  • The way you speak to your customers is consistent with your brand’s personality; you’re not trying to be anything and everything
  • The messages you send out are true to your brand, and heroes the best qualities you have on offer
  • You are providing value to your customers in ways that aren’t just pushing a products and services
  • The look and feel of your brand is the same across platforms, and customers understand your business or get your “vibe”

If you feel confident about the way you’re handling all of these, you’re doing amazing!

Now here’s the fun part: figuring out if there’s anything that you want to do more of in 2023.

Maybe it’s that you want to show more of the joys of your business when things piece together like magic. Maybe it’s the behind the scene struggles that you want to share, that show the real-world of your business. 

This is often where you find the most inspiring insights about your brand to take your digital marketing to the next level. Grab a thick black sharpie and circle these – you’ll thank us later!

3. Make it happen

Here’s the problem: all of your amazing ideas won’t happen overnight. Sorry to break it to you!

After you’ve finished brainstorming your wild and wonderful goals, take a step back and think about what’s most important.

There will be some ideas that are too big to tackle first, and possibly a handful of little projects that could be easily lumped together. Start assessing which tasks can be completed quickly and which can be chipped away at slowly. Your calendar should start to take shape and you should begin smashing through goals before you know it! 

Once things are looking exciting, think about who you can ask to help you with your goals. Whether it’s your business partner, group of friends or your network of industry contacts. If it’s help with your digital marketing that you’re after, or just need an extra set of hands managing the workload, a digital marketing agency could be worth reaching out to.

Now you’ve got yourself a great starting point for the new year! We hope these 3 tips help build a key toolkit to evaluate your brand and create a new outlook for 2023.

If you’re a business interested in starting your digital marketing journey to boost your business goals, we can streamline this process for you with our MBP packages. Contact us at MBP today to find out how digital marketing can make a difference to your business!