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How to Write a Press Release

In our previous PR blog post, we explain what PR is and the initial questions you need to answer before getting started on your first campaign. If you’re reading this post, then you must be about ready to get going!

The next step is to put your story into a press release format. So follow the steps below to ensure your brand or business story is professionally and logically presented for media representatives. The easier it is for a journalist or editor to identify the most important information in your press release, the more successful your campaign will be!


Start by opening a Word Document or Pages document and slowly but surely follow the template below to write your best possible press release.

“For immediate release [date]”


Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

[Image or multimedia]

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 4



Opening hours

“Now seeking… For enquiries please contact…”

PDF / Assets

IG/FB/Snapchat/Website icons with hyperlink



Editors and journalists may not read your press release on the day you release it – they have hundreds upon hundreds of emails coming through their inbox daily after all. So this reminds them when the news was formally released, and therefore how current the news is. Publications tend to leverage news that is brand new and current, so this is why PR is the most relevant and vital marketing service to act on before your business has even opened.


Your title needs to be catchy, informative and succinct. A bland title means the reader won’t continue onto the body of your press release and most probably won’t write an article about your pitch. Focus your title on what makes your business stand out from the crowd; are you strictly plant-based, do you have a theme running through your menu? Do you have a well regarded chef working at the pass? Have you re-created a trend or maybe you’ve created a brand new trend? If the answer is yes to any of these, highlight the most interesting answer in the title. Examples include:

“Camel’s milk and insects for breakfast? Jethro Cafe says yes”

“You’ve Never Tried a Dumpling Like this before…Cheeseburger Drumplings are here!”

“Moon Dog Brewery transforms into a 70s Roller Disco Derby!”


Paragraph 1 is to define who, what, when, where and why.

  • Who is involved in the project? What is their background, why are they starting this hospitality business?
  • What is your elevator pitch for your business? What sets you apart? What makes your business unique and what are you offering? [most important part!]
  • When are you officially open for business?
  • Where are you based? Where is the business? Are you in an up and coming area? Are you in a hospitality-known area? Is there a point of interest here?
  • Why should publications know about you? Why should potential customers flood to you, to experience your new business?


Once you’ve defined your business’ point of difference, make a note of two talking points around what makes you different. Try and pick one that is specific to your business, and one which is a broader topic. Examples below:

Jethro Cafe

  • Camel’s Milk + Insects for breakfast
  • Supporting sustainability in hospitality businesses


  • Cheeseburger dumplings
  • Reinventing a loved food to create a food trend

Moon Dog Brewery

  • Roller Disco Derby event
  • Using a traditionally “occupied” space in a completely new way


… fill these in


Include a statement about what you want editors, journalists and contributors to do with your press release. What do you want them to do as a result of the press release? A statement similar to the below will do the job:

“Now seeking editorial and feature article opportunities. For further information and enquiries, please contact [Full Name] at [Branded Email Address] or call on [Mobile Number].”

There you have it! The bare bones of your press release have been created and you’re ready to build your html press release. If you have a new project, business or product in the hospitality and lifestyle space, contact us to find out how we can help!