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Bobby Dre's


Bobby Dre’s reached out to Milk Bottle Projects during the height of the pandemic lockdowns in Victoria to help them prepare for a new chapter in their business. Bobby’s closed their original North Melbourne store and decided to open two new stores in the regional centres of Geelong and Werribee. Milk Bottle Projects was asked to manage the brand’s social media platforms as well to perform a 6-week PR campaign to launch the new sites, with particular emphasis on local media and influencers.


Pushing the venue as a new Cali-Mex venue, the goal was to make Bobby Dre’s the venue to visit for the summer season of 2020 in both regions.


"The Milk Bottle team did a great job understanding our brand and what we wanted to communicate as part of our business relaunch and new store opening. The PR and social media campaign they ran meant we were busy from day 1 and set up for success."
— Helen Witton, Bobby Dre's