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Revamping a Marketing Strategy on Social Media

Social Media Marketing Strategy

It is important to reflect on progress and set goals for ourselves, but especially when it comes to marketing. A question to ask ourselves when doing so is, have we been hitting the numbers we aim for? If the numbers could do with some improvement then it’s time to rejig and update the strategy, no matter what time of the year it is.

On social media, it should come as no surprise that to increase brand engagement, the most effective way is through visuals. A well-crafted image is bound to catch the eye and the average individual is more likely to focus on a picture than text. It is important, however, to know what types of images are most appealing to your audience. Research from L2 and Olapic suggest that product photos are the number one way to increase brand engagement. 65% of the best performing brand posts on social media feature product shots, compared to 43% which feature lifestyle images without a product centralised.

Sharing candid images is a good way of elevating your engagement levels as it gives people a glimpse of your brand that otherwise wouldn’t be seen. It humanises your company and a willingness to have fun within your brand. Using BTS images as part of a social media strategy makes you and your marketing appear more authentic. If you have chosen the right people for your team, they can make wonderful brand ambassadors. If they are in the spotlight of social media enough, these key employers can feel like friends to your consumers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Don’t forget that social media can show more than a still image. With videos, you are open to the possibility of how-to’s, tutorials, DIYs, and other types of videos. In studies by Socialinsider, the fashion industry alone accounted for 19.7% of all videos posted on Instagram in 2018. If you decide to utilise videos, remember that there are specific times of day that work especially well. Videos posted after 9pm tend to do better than those posted earlier in the day.

Remember, communities differ so your followers may respond more to certain types of content over others. Keeping an eye on your engagement levels to gauge which type works best for you is important. There is no golden rule in social media marketing. If one isn’t working for you, discard it in favour of ones that are.

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