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Social Media Tips for Small Business in 2023

Here's our 2023 small business social media tips

We live in a world where social media is becoming more and more important and basically unthinkable without it. Especially for smaller companies, the idea of joining social media can be very scary. Is it even worth it? Will I notice a difference in my sales figures? Will my account even stand out in the crowd? 

The answer to all questions is: YES!

We’ve gathered four reasons to use social media as a marketing tool: 

  • You will be able to reach more potential clients as you can reach a wider audience. The special feature here is that you can use social media to reach an audience that is outside of your physical location. 
  • You can build and increase your brand awareness as people can become familiar with your brand without leaving their own home. This familiarity can influence the decision to buy your product. 
  • You can keep an eye on your competition by getting to know the products or services of others. This way you can also compare the price-performance ratio of others with your own. 
  • You will be able to humanize your brand and build long-term relationships with your clients. Furthermore, you can build an emotional connection with other accounts, get good reviews and show the face behind the brand. 

Now that we’ve got you on board, you’ll have to decide which social media platform fits you and your business the best. To make that decision a little easier we summarized the most important facts about the biggest platforms: 

Facebook is globally the most used social media platform

  • Currently, 2.9 billion active users and more than 200 million companies use this platform.
  • It’s great for small business because: Facebooks most engaged audience ranges from 18-44 years old. If that’s your targeted audience, then you know where to go!
    Facebook is especially known for creating brand visibility with a Facebook page as well as selling products in the Facebook Shop. To reach your social media goals and be successful, studies have shown that the best way to get results is to posts 1-2 times per day.

Instagram is for niching-down. The more specific the niche, the better.

  • The audience on Instagram reaches an age of 18-34 years old, which makes it slightly younger than Facebook.
  • It’s great for small business: Instagram offers direct in-app shopping, it learns the consumer behaviour of the users and suggests similar accounts. Plus the app is visual, which makes it ideal to reach your targeted audience with pictures and videos where you can show all of the important qualities. To reach your social media goals and be successful, studies have shown that the best way to get results is to posts 3-7 times per week.

TikTok is known for an experimenting audience that’s not only Gen Z

  • The audience on TikTok tends to skew towards the 18-24 range
  • It’s great for small business because, especially compared to Instagram, the quality of your content is not as important and you definitely won’t need a big production budget. TikTok is known for its users creativity, so you can think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try new ways! Going viral is the way to go!

Pinterest is the most powerful visual search engine

  • It’s great for small business because Pinterest helps inspires its users by finding and saving new ideas. Pinterest is known for being a very positive space – most users say the platform makes them feel good. You can use this to your advantage.
  • This platform is even more visual than Instagram as all of the informations are displayed on the images. It’s very easy to be found by new consumers as Pinterest is a visual search engine.

Our social media tips for small business in 2023: 

  • Plan your content ahead and create a strategy that you will then follow. Ask yourself what type of content you want to post, what your brand message is and how you can make your content stand out. Make sure you document this in a 2023 social media calendar or planner.
  • Schedule your posts, so you never forget or miss out! There are many programs and apps out there that will help you to stay consistent and on time. Research the ones that will suit you best, sign up and away you go! Scheudling also allows you to have more freedom in your day to work on other business requirements.
  • Commit to community engagement as every platform is a SOCIAL platform, you’ll also need to socialize in the digital world. Always respond to your customers when they’ve got questions or feedback for you, reach out to similar accounts like yours and comment on their content, go live, create polls or quizzes to get to know your audience and give them the possibility to express themselves on your account.
  • Pay attention to trends – we know staying on top of these fast-paced trends is really hard but we can assure you: you don’t have to hop on every trend. Rather try to stay authentic and only commit to the trends that fit your brand and product.
  • Use built-in analytics to guide future posts as every platforms offers great possibilities to track how your social media is doing. These functions are helping you to analyze your strategy and be aware if things need to be changed or mixed up.

We know that using social media for your small business seems very overwhelming and time-consuming at first glance. If the passion lies more in one’s own small business and not in the creation of social media content, many ask themselves whether setting up an account is worth it at all. But we hope that with this blog we could contribute to you discovering social media marketing for yourself! 

And if you would rather invest your time in something else, we would be happy to help and manage your social media presence! Contact us today!