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Tiktok for Small Business: 3 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit

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In this digital age, the responsibilities of public relations and social media marketing have become intertwined. With the advent of social media, brands can now implement social media marketing into their PR strategy to amplify the impact of the message and connect with larger audiences. When you combine social media with PR, the synergy of the two communication channels can work together to exponentially increase your brand awareness, reputation and credibility.

The Media Landscape Is Changing

With the growing digital landscape, traditional media has expanded from only news networks and newspapers, to include a wide array of social media influencers, bloggers, celebrities and podcasters. The media’s strong social presence is now blurring the boundaries between the two mediums, creating opportunities for your business to combine the two together – resulting in the ultimate marketing strategy.

Social Media is ubiquitously used among consumers, making it a powerful way to create real-time messaging for your audience. It has the ability to help a PR campaign reach further, live longer and spread faster. After all, once a curious consumer has discovered your business through a PR campaign, they are likely to turn to your social media accounts to find out more. Whilst editorial has a strong credibility factor, there is always the risk you can’t control what the journalist writes. However, with social media, it is purely your brand voice – meaning you are in control of the story you tell.

When Should I Use Each Strategy?

Your organic social media should be running all the time to keep your brand top of mind and your consumers engaged. As you enter holiday or promotional periods, focus your social media strategy on these key events to generate interest.

If your business has a key announcement to be made or change in operations that is relevant to the media, now is the time to run a PR campaign. Have you launched a new product? Opened a new store? Changed the way you run your business? Get the word out about your business and let the media know to generate publicity and raise awareness. Support this messaging through content distribution on your social media – creating a strong, synonymous campaign that works seamlessly together.

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How Do I Use SMM and PR together?

We have compiled a few tips to help you effectively use social media to enhance your public relations campaign.

  • Keep Your Social Media Active:  Once a curious consumer has heard about your business after a PR campaign, they are likely to turn to your social media accounts to find out more. Make sure you are regularly posting relevant content on your social media, so you can captivate that audience and express the story of your brand.
  • Utilise Influencer Marketing: Social Media influencers is a great way to merge PR and social strategies together, leveraging their audience to support your brand or endorse your product. Collaborate with influencers that fit your niche to help increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.
  • Share Press Mentions: Once you get a press mention, make sure you share it on your social media to extend its reach and increase credibility for your business. 
  • Build Relationships With The Press: Journalists and media outlets are highly active on social media. Use your social media to see what topics they are talking about and connect with them, so they can discover the story of your brand.
  • Reputation Management: If your business has received some negative press, social media is an effective tool to help your business mitigate the crisis in real time. The transparency and authenticity of social media enables you to address your audience directly to resolve any undesirable publicity.

Need some help combining your PR and social media strategy? Get in touch with the team at Milk Bottle Projects today by contacting us at nikki@milkbottleprojects.com