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Here at Milk Bottle Projects, we take pride in helping our food and beverage clients become some of the hottest spots for breakfast, lunch and dinners.

Without our connections with recognised publications and journalists, so many Melbourne bars, restaurants and cafes would go completely under the radar. 

Food bloggers continue to influence the dining landscape. According to Stella Rising, 84% make purchases only after they have read a review on a blog (D’Adamo, 2017). This highlights the importance that blogs hold in today’s digital age, as they continuously grow to become a trustworthy source of information. 

So, when deciding where to eat for your next night out, it is no wonder that so many of us turn to food bloggers for their go-to tips and reviews of the latest venues. 

In this post, I have gathered the top 10 food bloggers in Melbourne that will most definitely leave a good mark on your business, and influence the thousands to come visit your venue.

Chinese-Australian blogger Joyce Watts reviews Melbourne through its “food, art and travel,” and rates accordingly by stating whether it’s “hot or not.” Over the years, Joyce has gained a loyal following that treat her reviews on food, attractions and the like as gospel. 

Following the success of her growing social media, Joyce has developed tohotornot.com, where users read her thousands of reviews and posts regarding Melbourne and all that it encompasses.



This mysterious, anonymous user has made their mark in Melbourne’s online burger scene. 

This page has incredible insight when it comes to reviewing burgers. They feature high-definition photos as well as a star-rating system for categories like: display, bread, meat and flavour – that help you easily understand the burger experience. 



Robert Mckay literally as the name says – eats Melbourne. 

This account is one of the most popular Melbourne foodie Instagram accounts and it’s clear why. His eye-catching photos of food across the city draw an audience of thousands who are all keen to see where and what he is going to eat next. 


Despite their tongue-in-cheek name, Forksake provides in-depth and detailed reviews about venues all across Melbourne that are designed to satisfy your tastebuds and get your tongue wagging for delicious bites.  



Busy mother of twins, Lauren Sinclair still manages to find the time to run her popular Instagram page, Foodie Melbourne. 

The gorgeous colour palette and aesthetic is constant throughout her feed, leaving us salivating at the variety of dishes she posts.



David Hagger is an all-rounder when it comes to reviewing the “most liveable and loveable city.” 

His Instagram and website feature reviews that really show how diverse Melbourne is as a city. His articles and posts relate to many sectors of the city including its food, fashion, arts and attractions.



There’s always room for dessert and Amy from In Between Desserts always gets our bellies rumbling for more. 

Based in Cranbourne, Victoria, Amy has dedicated her lifestyle to her sweet tooth as shown through her stunning photography as well as her detailed reviews and recipes.



Although anonymous, Penguin is brutally honest and unbiased with their reviews. If you’re seeking real recommendations without the sugar-coating, PenguinEats is just the blogger for you. 

With 17.8k followers, it is not surprising that PenguinEats have been awarded as a ‘Featured Blog’ on Zomato as well as being labelled a AGFG Recommended Blogger.



Self-titled “writer, wanderer and mother,” Lisa Holmen has an Instagram feed that leaves us drooling! 

Travelling Victoria, Lisa documents and dedicates her attention to the regional beauty of this state through her stunning photographs of food and local produce.



Melbourne food-lover and beloved parent to pups Moxley and Lola, Two Good to Resist is all about “coming hungry and leaving happy.” 

Travelling across the city, Two Good to Resist explores every inch of Melbourne, writing their thoughts on hundreds of dishes that are definitely ‘too good to resist!’


Who’s your favourite Instagram foodie? 

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At Milk Bottle Projects, we work with numerous restaurants, cafes and food brands that appeal to our connections with food publications and reviewers. 

If you would like your business or product to move up the ranks, contact us at nikki@milkbottleprojects.com today!