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Website Design Tips: What Makes a Great Website?

MBP Tips: What Makes a Great Website?

In today’s digital landscape, a website is a critical tool for any business. More often than not, it is the first point of contact for potential customers and clients. First impressions can make a big impact so it’s important your site is the best it can be. Here are 5 features of a great website to help you nail that first impression.

1. Visual Appeal

To tell you the truth, sometimes a book is judged by its cover… but you can use this to your advantage! Having a professional-looking and visually appealing webpage will not only make browsing your site more enjoyable for users, but it can differentiate you from competitors. Think about how you can tie in your brand’s colours and aesthetic into your website so that your business’ personality shines through, even from a single glance. Users might also judge the quality of your products and services based on your website’s appearance, so it’s worth putting some thought and effort behind its appearance.

2. Responsive design

Responsive design means your website will detect the visitor’s screen size and adjust the layout accordingly, ensuring your website can still be read and look good no matter which way you look at it! With more and more people surfing the net on smartphones and mobile devices, it’s important your website design caters to these on-the-go browsing habits. Think about how your website will be viewed on different devices and ensure that it can adapt accordingly.

3. Easy navigation

You might have the most useful information or best products on your website, but if your users have to search far and wide for them, they simply won’t get seen. Make navigating your website simple so that even those with the most basic technology skills can find what they’re searching for. Think about your most important information and where you might place this so it can be easily found.

4. About page and contact information

An about page is a great place to add a bit of personality to your website and help your customers get to know you better. There are a few ways to approach this page from introducing the team, telling a brief history of the company, or outlining the work you do. You’ll also want to provide your contact information, such as phone, email and even address, so that people can contact you with any questions they may have. Providing these details gives a sense of trust and transparency as it shows people that you’re open to receiving any communication from them, whether they be queries or feedback – both positive and negative. Depending on what kind of business you are, it may also be useful to list your business hours and location(s) on your website.

5. Social media integration

Social media integration on your website means providing links to your social media on your website, or even displaying your Instagram feed or Facebook reviews on your website as they happen in real time. Integrating your social media platforms can provide another point of contact for customers, as well as show your audience who your business really is. After all, anyone can build a website. However, as a more spontaneous and engaging platform, social media can allow you to show more of your personality, get into the details of who you are and what you stand for, and allow interactions with your audience and potential customers.

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