Using Instagram Stories to Create Conversation and Interactivity

Instagram Stories is a feature allowing users to post photos or videos, presented in a slide-show style format that disappear 24 hours after being posted. While this fun feature is just over two years old, Instagram is constantly updating it and adding new features that users can add to increase interactivity with their audience.

Instagram recently announced that the format now has over 400 million daily active users. This daunting number comes as both a help and a hindrance. While it’s great to see how many users are watching Instagram Stories, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the millions of other stories users are watching.

Social media platforms have allowed and to some extent insisted that businesses are contactable 24/7. Businesses can forget that while consumers can contact them any hour of the day, businesses also need to be able to communicate with their consumers around-the-clock. Instagram stories host a variety of features encouraging interactivity and conversation with your audience, giving users a simple and easy way to communicate with their audience.

Question stickers let users prompt their friends and followers to ask them questions, which they can answer by creating new Stories that show the original question for context. Frequently asked questions can become a thing of the past, with users being able to see questions answered without doing any of the question asking themselves.


Allowing your followers to ask specific questions directly to the business and supplying a personable answer makes your consumers feel heard and like their opinion matters to the brand.

Have a read of our last blog post about hashtags? Well you can also add hashtags to your IG stories! When a user searches a hashtag, Instagram stories with that hashtag appear at the top of the feed.


Much like hashtags on Instagram Stories, adding a location-based sticker makes your story accessible under the location tag. These stickers can help your page get more local exposure and attract those who search the location.

Another sticker available is the poll sticker. Users present a question and offer multiple choice answers for viewers to choose from. This interactive feature can be used to find out any question you have for your followers. Through just one story you can gain a multitude of information, while creating fun, engaging content for viewers.

Another feature on stories allows users to create a clickable link in their stories. A “See More” text link will appear at the bottom of the story, where users can click or swipe up to access the link.  Using this feature in your stories creates a CTA (Call to Action) that encourages users to interact with your business beyond the Instagram platform. *This link feature is only for users with 10,000+ followers and above at the time of writing this post.

Instagram stories are a fun way to increase exposure and encourage interactivity. Creating a successful story is all about engaging and communicating with followers and users whilst increasing brand awareness. Try using some of these tips next time you create an Instagram story, and see the difference it makes! 

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