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Our Team

…of eight dedicated to bringing your brand to life through creative and strategic digital marketing. Our team consists of PR and social media specialists, graphic designers, event planners, content creators and growth experts.

Your Story

Our passion is your story and there’s no better agency to tell that narrative quite like Milk Bottle Projects. We strive to determine what makes your business stand out from the crowd and we let the world know about it.

Milk Bottle Projects - 8 Years Young

Milk Bottle Projects is 8 years young. We have been developing our strategies and contacts within our industries for this whole time. That’s why we can call ourselves Australia’s hospitality marketing experts!

What Inspired Nikki to Start MBP?

MBP’s Director Nikki has always loved being involved with the hospitality industry, but at the same time always worked in PR and photography. Milk Bottle Projects is a combination of all of these elements and the result is a one-stop-shop, hospitality and lifestyle specific PR & Digital Marketing agency.

MBP Helps Businesses Nationwide

MBP has launched over 100 businesses and continually works with brands across Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. Whether a brand is launching, half way through their business journey or at the end of their life cycle, we’re here to guide you towards the right marketing strategies.

Real Results with Milk Bottle Projects

Why Lifestyle and Hospitality Industries

The hospitality and lifestyle sectors are completely dynamic – they’re fast paced, they’re hard working and they exist to heighten people’s lives and experiences. How could you not love working in these industries!
The people who work behind the scenes in hospitality and lifestyle businesses all have stories and this is what we are personally most fascinated by. We love learning about various cultures, food and beverage trends and methodology around the world. It’s amazing to see how Australia continually challenges the norm when it comes to hospitality and lifestyle experiences.

We are Milk Bottle Projects

Nikki Williams

Nikki Williams

Josh Harrison

Josh Harrison
Graphic Designer

Mel Desa

Mel Desa
Content Creator

Alana Spina

Alana Spina
Marketing Assistant