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5 of our favourite wellness influencers in 2022

Lets take a look at our favourite wellness influencers in 2022.

Wellness and beauty content is definitely one of our guilty pleasures here at MBP. And with 67% of beauty shoppers turning to Instagram for new product inspo – it’s never been a better time to get to know some of the beauty and wellness influencers local to you & your brand. Here are 5 influencers that we’re watching at the moment for all the latest wellness and beauty product news.

Snapshot of @skincarsavvy instagram profile
Photo credit: @skincaresavvy on Instagram

@skincaresavvy is one to watch! We have no doubt by the time this blog post is published, this following count will be outdated. This creator really knows Gen-Z trends and has mastered the art of filming at golden hour.


Her feed is polished and modern, and the perfect platform for advertising luxury skincare and beauty products.

Snapshot of @ashparaskevas instagram profile and picture
Photo credit: @ashparaskevas on Instagram

Body positivity, mental wellness, beauty and skincare with fun and engaging content, Ashira is one of our favourite influencers in this category for all of the right reasons. Expect honest, humorous and wholesome content from this creator.

Snapshot @wendy_onlines instagram profile and picture
Photo credit: @wendy_online on Instagram

Wendy is a trailblazer when it comes to showcasing the best beauty products on Instagram, and has recently been blending her takes on beauty products with a mix of lifestyle content. Wendy has a super approachable personality which makes her content incredibly engaging.

Snapshot of @wellnessbykels instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @wellnessbykels on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a feed chock-full of colourful beauty products? We sure do – and @wellnessbykels does a great job of photographing the newest products to hit shelves in Australia. Her audience is incredibly responsive, which means you’ll have no problem sparking a conversation about your products in the comments section.

Snapshot of @janellemyh instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @janellemyh on Instagram

Janelle’s TikTok might have been better to link here! With over 500k followers on TikTok, her videography game is pretty impressive. Not only this, but she’s ahead of every trend with an incredibly unique and creative take on makeup looks and product advertising.


These are just a handful of the wonderful influencers working and creating in Melbourne. If you have any other picks – tell us over at @milkbottleprojects Instagram! We’d be interested to hear who has been influencing you lately.


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