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The difference between macro + micro influencers

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Influencer marketing is now a vital part of any product advertising!

With consumers building stronger ties with influencers to get the latest reviews across food, lifestyle and beauty brands, it’s never been a better time to work influencer marketing into your business strategy.

When creating an influencer strategy, it’s worth reaching out to a mix of micro AND macro influencers, to create a mix of exposure and engagement.  


Lets recap on the benefits of both below:


Micro Influencers


Don’t let the word “micro” fool you. Influencers with smaller followings tend to have greater engagement rates and also do a fantastic job of creating a welcoming, friendly space for their followers. You can find influencers that are extremely passionate about getting involved with brands and venues, and their content looks phenomenal when shared on clients’ feeds.


Macro Influencers


Macro influencers have established pages and often have their own fresh take on content creation that sets them apart. Their large followings are great for creating exposure, and showing your venue to a wider audience. Working with macro influencers is a great way to gain attraction from active audiences who are most likely to add visiting your business to their to-do list, or your products to cart.


How Many Influencers Do I Need to Have a Successful Marketing Campaign?


We would suggest having a healthy mix of both macro and micro influencers for a successful marketing campaign. 


Keep in mind, micro influencers are more likely to partner with you on a contra collaboration (contra, or gifting, is an unpaid collaboration where you as the brand provide an experience or complimentary product in exchange for a review or feature). 


This might be appealing to your budget, but don’t underestimate the power of a great micro influencer. Setting up a fun and clever influencer experience is key to making sure your micro influencers have a great experience and that their review is honest and authentic, which carries through to their followers.


Building on this, macro influencers are more likely to charge a rate for promoting your brand, due to their reach and following count. Every influencer’s rates will be different, and will vary depending on their following and/or engagement rates.


It’s worth starting your influencer marketing with a mix of 5 micro and 5 macro-influencers, and re-assessing every couple of months.


We also highly recommend finding influencers that work well with your brand, that you can develop a relationship with and keep in contact to promote your brand at various times throughout the year.


Like all good things, consistency is key, so if you can work with the same influencers in the future, it shows that your brand is highly valued and creates a long-lasting impression.


So now you know the difference, who should you work with? 

We recently broke down our favourite influencers across food, lifestyle and wellness areas. Check out our favourites below:


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