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our top 5 foodie influencers in 2022

Lets take a look at our favourite foodie influencers in 2022.

Whether you need to get the word out about your exciting new cafe, or have a new menu item that needs some love on the feed, foodie influencers are THE people to help you create some buzz on social media.


We think most people would agree that food is the way to the heart, and these 5 influencers definitely know how to make a tasty meal look dreamy. Read on!

Snapshot of @girlaboutmelb and profile picture
Photo credit: @girlaboutmelb on Instagram

This might be our best kept secret…. But @girlaboutmelb is an MBP favourite. There is always something interesting happening on this feed and we’re always excited to see where she is, what she’s eating and what content she uploads next!

Expect eye-catching carousels that perfectly capture each venue she visits. It’s also always a bonus to find influencers who are super friendly to work with and put a lot of effort into their content.

Snapshot of @eatwithhendri instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @eatwithhendri on Instagram

@eatswithhendri really does it all, from sharing his own recipes and still making time to visit the hottest cafes and restaurants in Melbourne. We love to see a page full of reels these days! And trust us when we say that it isn’t easy to watch his videos and feel very, very hungry afterwards.

Snapshot of @melbfoodieee instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @melbfoodieee on Instagram

Ailene never misses a beat! She’s visited some of your favourite local restaurants and always gives her honest take on her latest food experiences. As soon as we hear the voiceover on her latest reel or TikTok – we know it’s a @melbfoodieee video – and we’re sticking ‘round to the end to hear which mouth-watering dish she recommends. It’s positive content like this that we love!

Snapshot of @amymunches instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @amymunches on Instagram

Amy’s content is always bright and fun, with a mix of detailed carousels and trendy reels. It’s a breeze working with content creators who are keen about visiting venues and have an engaging and steadily growing page.

 Her photography is excellent, and menu items really stand out on the feed!

Snapshot of @nourishfulsabrina instagram and profile picture
Photo credit: @nourishfulsabrina on Instagram

There is no such thing as boring content on Sabrina’s feed. Every meal looks incredibly scrumptious, and with a mix of reels, carousels and recipe posts, we’d find it surprising if you haven’t heard of her!

Not only this, but the quality of her content is unparalleled. We love a consistent feed!


These are just a handful of the wonderful foodie influencers working and creating in Melbourne. If you have any other picks, tell us over at @milkbottleprojects Instagram! 

We’d be entered to hear who has been influencing you lately.

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